Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Upsides of WindyCon

As I said, I did enjoy meeting many of the people I did - including an Internet friend and her family as well as author Michael Z. Williamson, his wife, and their children as well. Here are some links to cool people. Go see.

Here's my friend's blog:

Here's Mr. Williamson's website:

It contains a bibliography and links to buy his books. I've only read the one (it's called Better to Ask Forgiveness...) but can report that it was well worth reading.

Here's his wife's photography website. She's a combat photographer who joined the Army when she was in her mid-thirties. This is no small feat. There's a story about it on his website which is worth reading if you'd like to know how one joins the Army these days.

Here's his blog, which is pretty funny in a way that won't appeal to you much if you're what the nitwit media mistakenly refers to as a "liberal" these days. Fair warning.

I was going to link to his daughter's website - she's an actress and child model - but instead I'll just say that you can find a link to her on his website if you're in need of an actress or child model. She's adorable and sharp as an obsidian chip.


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