Thursday, November 20, 2008

Science Fictiony!

Since I'm on my sci-fi kick, here are some nifty pictures I took a while back in an improptu science-fiction setting. They're from my old studio, which had amazing skylights.

This one is called "Black Morning."

The band of light behind her is from the skylights. No studio lighting for this one other than the overhead fluorescents. I did buy color-balanced bulbs for them. That was nice because I could leave them on without worrying about introducing a color cast.

I call this one "Pure Energy."

That was blowout from studio strobes. You can see the skylights reflected in her goggles. And here's the whole package. I call this one "Malevolent."

That's all skylight again - I just backed her up a little from the position in the first picture until the sun was shining on her face.


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