Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shame on Me.

So last year I had some photos at WindyCon (the largest, if I understand it correctly, of the Chicago-area science-fiction conventions) I was trying to sell. It didn't go so well.

Well, this year, someone I knew was going to try to go, and I thought, "Perhaps I should try to go as an attendee, and see if that works any better."

Well, it didn't. Although I did meet some interesting people and geek out about photography for a while, it was if anything on average worse than the last time as far as enjoyment. I guess I'm just not very social, even in a crowd of anti-social sorts.

These two had very cool costumes, though:

Ironically, they weren't even registered for the Con and couldn't do any events, including the Masquerade Ball. They just wanted to walk around in their costumes somewhere where people wouldn't look at them funny.

Ironically, the hotel had also rented a ballroom on the same concourse with the con to a very, very upscale wedding. The looks of horror on the faces of the guests at the army of nerds surrounding them were very Amusing. Here's the photographer for the wedding party trying to get shots of the groom next to a lovely fountain wall in the hotel lobby without including any of the peons in the shot. He looks perplexed.


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