Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attn: Canon Users

Canon replaced its mid-position on-camera strobe, the 430EX, with the 430EX Mk II a few months ago. Adorama still has some of the original 430EX's left at a very attractive price. You can buy them direct there or through Link below:

This is the link. You can also go straight to Adorama's link. I've bought from Adorama before, they're a reputable discount dealer.

430EX at

Right now they're selling at $199.95. The 430EX MkII sells for around $280 to $300, and isn't any more powerful than the original 430EX. (The MkII is a little more weatherproof and has a metal foot: however, there's a reason that flashes usually have plastic feet.) It's a very good deal on Canon's lowest-priced bounce-capable flash.


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SarahSmiles said...

Many thanks for your kind words about Adorama Camera - we always appreciate when satisfied customers share their experiences.


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