Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's Go Racin'

Well, I retouched a few of the pictures of the Sprint Car races with the idea of making some prints for my father-in-law. Rather than make you go and click on my PhotoShelter page (which you can still do, it's cool!) I thought I'd test the "jump" feature of Blogger. You have to actually twiddle the code in your layout as well as making changes in the text of your posts, but once it's set up it's not hard. John Harrington does this all the time and he rules, so it must be a good idea.

You can click on the pictures to see larger versions, by the way. Here's a nifty speed-blur shot.

Here's a picture of my father-in-law pulling away from the pack:

And here's a nifty racing-magazine style shot of a track official under the lights:

I don't think I'll be shooting for Sports Illustrated any time soon, but given what I had to work with (my lenses aren't very fast) I'm actually pretty happy with the shots.


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