Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm Not a Hoarder, I'm Resourceful.

I am a contributor to the PhotoShelter Collection, a web-based stock photography agency (and a moderator on the forums there.) You can see my portfolio there at MarcWPhoto at PhotoShelter. They just starting issuing "Research Requests," which are calls for specific imagery requested by clients. Today I noticed that they had a request for model-released images (always get a release if you can!) of a woman painting in an art studio. Well, get this...

It so happens that I used to rent a little artist's studio on the North Side of Chicago, and the reason I rented it was that the company I worked for had gone out of business and I had no place to shoot. When it did, I also inherited a bunch of art supplies, which I put in my studio. A few times, when I was feeling artsy, I would have a model take some of the art supplies and paint or draw a picture and take pictures of her doing it. So, lo and behold, I have several pictures of women, in an art studio, painting pictures, with model releases.

It only goes to show, eventually EVERYTHING comes in handy.

I picked out ten or so and submitted them. The studio's kind of plain and they said "beautiful," so maybe it won't fly, but on the other hand, the studio had very clean white walls so they could always take the model and drop her into another picture. Both of the models I did this with were very cute and really posed well, so who knows?


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