Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chicago Shooters! (Camera Shooters, That Is...)

The "Chicago Shooters" group on PhotoShelter's Shoot! the Day site is coming together nicely. Plans are being made for a meetup, studio session, and work in the city.

PhotoShelter, along with Nikon, Apple, and Adorama, is sponsoring a stock photography event called Shoot! The Day, where some of the big gaps in modern stock photography needs will hopefully be addressed by photographers all over the world. More information on that here:

I'm in charge of the Chicago Shoot! the Day events. Those of you in and around Chicago, join us! You don't have to be a member of the PhotoShelter Collection to sign up, although I highly recommend it. More info on the Chicago Shooters! here:

Feel free to ask questions here or PM me for more details. The thread on the Chicago Shooters! group called "Taking the Windy City by Storm!" has the latest details on the day's events. See you there!


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