Monday, July 21, 2008

Chicago Shoot! The Day

Well, nobody fell off the roof or got run over or anything, so it was a qualified success. We'll see how happy people are with their pictures. There sure was a lot of running around, I'll say that much.

We were at one studio all morning, then some of us went to another studio, and a makeup artist met us there, and then I took one of the models home, because she lived two blocks from the first studio, and hadn't got a car anyway.

While I hope some of the pictures turn out I think the high point of my day was either showing up at my studio and introducing everyone to my fabulous studio partner, who doesn't believe in clothes, or taking one of the models in full makeup to the drugstore on an emergency supply run. She stopped a lot of traffic. :) Here she is:


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Webspinner said...

I need some outtakes for my lapishotel blog :D

I was also fabulously bitchy that day, which he did not mention....but hey, what can a guy do when his studio partner is mostly cool but intermittantly insane? (don't say anything about that intermittantly marc...hahaha