Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stirrings of Life

Well, obviously I haven't been very photographic - or very much of anything - here lately. Mostly I mess around with MMORPG (which shall remain nameless - I don't do endorsements unless I'm paid) and other useless ways to pass the time.

However, I decided that if I have all these pictures around, I might as well try to capitalize them, so I applied to another Internet stock agency. (Which shall also remain nameless until they accept me.) You have to submit a batch that passes human-monitored QC before you're accepted for full upload, and they failed my first batch because one of the images was too soft. I think they're nuts (I won a contest with that photo) but whatever.

I will not be active in their online community, as that never seems to go well for me. I am going to upload pictures and if somebody wants to license them, I'll get money. Well and good. Hopefully I won't kill this one by joining.

I bought a macro lens and fooled around with it some, but otherwise, I get my camera out for family stuff and that's about it. I think the PhotoShelter Collection shutting down hit me harder than I realized at first. (PhotoShelter's other services for photographers are still available and continue to receive good press. If you are a more commercially-oriented photographer, I think they are a good value and work well.) I am largely motivation-free when it comes to photography. Add to that some personal drama (not directly involving me) with the studio space I use and it's just not appealing at the moment.

However, I need to get out and I need to do stuff and this is getting a little sad. (Okay, sadder.) I think I'll go roust out my shopping partner and run to Calumet Photo just for fun.

I resubmitted a new batch this morning, too... I replaced my award-winning photograph with one which Richard Freaking Leakey licensed for a presentation for Science Week in NYC. If they don't take that, I will simply submit pictures of kitties and cute children until they let me in. Then I will upload a massive batch of subversion.


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