Sunday, August 2, 2009

For Your Consideration.

We took my daughter to the county fair today. Since we got there just as the Midway opened, we had to wait in line to buy tickets. There, apparently sent by the God of Metaphorical Photo Ops, I saw these two.

I call this, "Jackie Spratt and, Um, Jill Spratt."

I don't know (nor would I care to wager) that they are anything other than friends and/or relations. They might have even been total strangers waiting for their kids. The title is not meant to imply a spousal relationship. I just thought it was funny.

Incidentally I don't recall that Jack Spratt's wife had a name. In the nursery rhyme tradition I have called her Jill. I also considered Jane. Incidentally incidentally, you can't read it at this resolution, but the sign reads, under the "Notice" section:

Due to the design of the seating safety device on this ride, exceptionally large people may not be able to ride.

I think Jill is dead out of luck. Sorry, Jill.

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Elessa said...

way back in the day i worked for farmer's new world life insurance in underwriting.

received a dual app, husband and wife. she weighed over 350lbs. he weighed 130lbs. it was bizarre. truly bizarre.