Monday, August 4, 2008

This is Eerie.

You do not know how many times I have had this dream:


(Thanks to Rachel Hulin over at Shoot! The Blog for the tip.)

No, seriously. You don't. The pictures (click on the sample to see more) were taken, without any kind of trick photographry or post-processing, by French photographer Denis Darzacq.

When I have this dream, the situation usually that I have to go somewhere or do something that you can't get to by walking, and my dream-self concentrates, like he's remembering something he hasn't had to do for a long time, and starts taking steps into the air. Eventually this progresses to "flying" in much the same posture that Superman flies, although it's very, very hard to do: he can't do it for long, and if anything distracts him, he starts to fall. I usually wake up before he gets where he's going.

Incidentally, dreams like this are the only dreams I have had since I was a child in which I do not know that I am dreaming. When I wake up, remembrances of these dreams are indistinguishable from ordinary memories. More than once the day after one of them I've tried to walk on the air for a split-second before realizing that what I was trying to do was impossible. Maybe someday I'll pull an Arthur Dent and forget to remember that it won't work.


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Webspinner said...

Thank you for sharing..I bookmarked it to examine more later, but pretty the contrast of the flourescent supermarket lighting with the 'floatin' or 'swimming' figures. I don't want to know how many shots it got him to do it....or what clear plexiglas thing he discovered or made. I feel sorry for you that you dream about flying in supermarkets....I dream about flying in the night way above the countryside.....and then landing sometimes to check stuff out. Your dreams are odder than my dreams. I am such a pleb.