Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lightroom Update

I am still a little nervous about Lightroom 2: Adobe seems to have caught Microsoft Disease. ("Ship it: people will buy it even if it's buggy and we'll gradually get it to where it's livable sooner or later.") However, they have finally posted a script that fixes the keyword bug, which was totally unacceptable. And as I said earlier, some of the features are nifty. But wait..

A photographer/programmer has created a LR plugin that allows direct export to the PSC or the PSA from Lightroom. O frabjous day! This takes a very annoying step right out of my workflow. It seems to work fine both with LR 1.4.1 and LR 2.0. Here it is



Elessa said...

is it still possible to buy the prior version of LR? i really want to get a copy and am wondering if i should spring for the new version or try to find the older one.

MarcWPhoto said...

You can probably find a copy in a store if you go look RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, no, you won't be able to get it. I have a copy I will sell you if you really want the old version. Drop me an email if you decide you want it.

OTOH, you can download a thirty-day trial of the new version from Adobe's website. Since you're not upgrading from the old version you will miss out on most of the danger points. Once I got the transfer all straightened out, it does seem to be working fairly well.