Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Google Fodder for auction house Guernseys

Here is a post by well-known photographer Ctein at The Online Photographer's blog. (The Online Photographer is Mike Johnston: Ctein is a frequent guest poster there.)

How To Make a Small Fortune In the Art Business

Summary: Ctein tried to have Guernseys (Guernsey's? Guernseys'?) auction off several rare photographs from his collection. The auction didn't go well, which was disappointing but understandable, and they returned several of the prints which didn't sell. However, they were returned with sufficient damage to reduce their collector's value to essentially zero. Guernseys refused to discuss the matter with Ctein and referred him to the insurance company, which settled fairly reasonably but told him he'd have to seek the deductible from Guernseys despite the fact that their release mentioned Guernseys as a released party. Guernseys of course refused to pay anything and has exhibited the most reprehensible conduct during the entire affair.

Obviously, we're only hearing one side of this, but having dealt with insurance companies before, I have absolutely no trouble believing this. Personally, I find this absolutely deplorable. I really have to wonder, even being a lawyer, if Guernseys really didn't buy themselves more than five thousand dollars worth of bad publicity (not to mention bad karma) by their actions. The Internet is forever, guys.

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It is interesting to note that as of the date of this comment, this post comes up #1 on Google for "Gurnsey's photography auction." Heh.