Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorry I'm So Lame

Lame blogger is lame.

Gumption supplies are at record lows. Pretty much everything feels kinda pointless. Mostly I sit and play computer games and make snarky comments on web sites.

When (if) the weather ever improves I am going to try to get the garage ready to paint. However, it's been pouring down rain for a week and doesn't look to improve soon. That's okay: I am not looking forward to painting anyway, but at least it's a plan.

Photographywise, zip. I have ideas, I write 'em down, and then I think of all the reasons that if I try to do any photography it won't work. I miss my shooting space and my very own studio. No money for that, though. I am getting the credit cards paid down, which is why there's no money - with any luck just a few more months will do it. We had a quarterly company status meeting yesterday and while of course business is down, we are financially secure and moving product, so that's an upper. We also had our first sale of our new product line - which took four years to develop and two years to get regulatory approval for - so that's a very good sign. The potential revenue from this product line beggars the imagination, IF we can get it into the market and the whole world economy doesn't collapse and/or this new flu doesn't turn out to be Captain Trips.

I work for a closely-held company: lately my big daydream involves our main potential competitor (which has 50 times the employees we do) buying out my bosses with so much money that they give every employee $200K as a going-away present. That, and winning the lottery. :)


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