Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Under Reconstruction

I'm making a few changes to the blog.

I'm deleting the fine art stuff for various reasons. I do plan to have a little of it in another location, which I will send to anyone who emails me or asks in a comment.



Elessa said...

alright... i check here near daily but haven't seen any changes. have you given up?

MarcWPhoto said...

I haven't, but I have been both sick and unmotivated for some time. When the weather improves and I can do something again, I'll be more interesting.


Elessa said...

i hope that you feel better soon, then. being sick is teh suck.

i too wait for spring. it is coming. i am seeing signs of it in the local park near me.

Rebecca Lawrence said...

give me a call at Krista's when you can :)

I'd love to see you again.