Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make a Little Difference

The amazing photographer Kevin German, who currently lives in the Far East, is doing a project in a Vietnamese mental hospital and is soliciting donations to try to help out the people who run it a little bit.

You can read about how little they run the hospital with, and make a donation, by reading this blog post:

400 Cookies.

Warning: Link contains amazing photography and very, very sad documentary work. If you just want to donate, you can click this link for his PayPal donation button:

Donate to Help Vietnamese Mental Patients.

Please help if you can, even a tiny bit of money makes a huge difference. (US$0.50 feeds a patient for a day.)

I sent him a little bit of my holiday bonus - probably not as much as I could, but more than some people who could spare more, so I guess I'm okay with that. "The poor you will always have with you."


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