Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So the Editor of a Magazine Just Called.

Unfortunately, he doesn't want to hire me to shoot a massive spread for a $20K day rate. Nor have I just won a digital Hasselblad. However...

I did just win second prize in my category in an international photo competition.

Not allowed to say what magazine until it's published, but it's a Real Magazine. (I have a subscription to it, and you can buy it in any bookstore. Paid circulation is over 200K.) The editor made a point to say how this particular photograph was one of his personal favorites. I mean, sure, he could have said that about all of them, but I'm willing to bet it was very, very different from most of the entries in my category, so even if it wasn't the jury's overall pick, I can see where it might really appeal to someone. :)

The prize isn't huge, but it's more than a "photo credit." Every little bit helps: since I write off my camera gear, I need some income to show for it!

This isn't the first contest I've had success in, but it's the largest by a country mile. Now maybe I'll have enough gumption to put together a portfolio for that B&W contest I wanted to enter.



Rebecca Hamilton said...

Well done, sir! I can't wait to see. Meanwhile, my fiance is over here making guesses as to which publication. He has high hopes for you - well placed, I'd say. :)

MarcWPhoto said...

I am flattered. Incidentally, it's not a photography magazine, although it's a photo-intensive publication.